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Manage Receivables

Our financial tech makes short work of payment collection

Your business exists to generate revenue. But to maximize profits, it's important that incoming funds get routed into your bank accounts with minimal hassle or delay. Leverage our deposit solutions to streamline daily operations and move money securely while creating other advantages for you and your team.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit Payments

  • Collect payments electronically and have them routed straight to your accounts
  • Reduce staff time and energy check spent on check processing
  • Pre-authorized payments automatically debit from client and customer accounts, increasing percentage of on-time payments
  • Eliminates chances of incoming checks being lost or delayed in the postal mail
  • Improves cash flow by providing greater consistency as to when revenues will arrive
  • Makes life easier for customers and clients because they don't have to write and mail checks

Remote Deposit

  • Special scanning system installed in your workplace to streamline the deposit of incoming checks
  • Simply scan in checks at your staff's convenience and send images to bank through office computer network
  • Send checks any time of day and in small or large batches
  • Improve cash flow with expedited deposit of funds into your accounts
  • Easily generate a detailed summary of each day's deposits
  • Access archives of past checks or all payments from a particular party
  • Eliminate daily, time-intensive trips to the bank to make on-site deposits

Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing

  • Customized hardware and software that helps you accept and process all payment forms
  • Point-of-sale and mobile processing solutions available
  • Increase overall sales by accepting all major credit cards, most debit cards, and many gift and government benefit cards
  • Upgrade web sales with e-commerce solutions
  • Faster processing puts accessible funds in your accounts more quickly
  • Easily generate sales reports that can be used for everything from marketing campaigns to inventory control
  • Our representatives are readily available for customer support whenever you have a question

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Simplify your payment processing.

Enhance the customer buying experience in person and online with our Merchant Services point-of-sale (POS) systems.